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Manimal - live performace

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Breakthrough - live Performance

Manimal Music Video






Reality TV has been very good to the members of Too Bad. As an up and coming band they haven’t quite been able to quit their day jobs... yet. So, they’ve found a way to chase their dreams, while still being able to entertain Americans. You see, Gerry Saint and Bam Bam are both Reality TV editors. You’ve seen their disastrous yet highly entertaining editing skills on such shows as Vh’1’s Flavor of Love, Rock of Love, or the hit show Marriage Boot Camp. It’s because of the television industry this band has formed, and they will never forget it. Coming out of Venice, CA, their sound consists of hard electronic beats, thick bass lines, 80’s style synths, rock style vocals, and most notably distortion guitar. If you have to classify them in a genre it would be electro dance rock. But, they have influences of EDM, and a feel of 80’s new wave. They have been referred to as if ‘Depeche Mode’ had a baby with ‘The Presets’. Too Bad will take you through a journey of your favorite electronic sounds of yesterday, with the freshest songwriting of tomorrow. Too Bad is the future for the genre of Electro Rock.

The band original formed while surfing in Huntington Beach. Gerry Saint and his long time childhood friend Justin ‘Bobby’ Brescia one of the cast members from that horrible reality show; MTV’s “The Hills”, decided they wanted to mix their favorite electronic music producers, such as Prodigy and Daft Punk, with some of their favorite punk bands like Bad Religion and Pennywise.
While in the middle of recording their first EP Justin quit the band. It was a tough set back, but Saint couldn’t quit. Their sound was too important, and too good, to just let die. So, he put a casting call on Craigslist and Jason Napier answered the call. He nailed the audition and the band set forward in chasing the dragon of musical success. After many Los Angeles shows they could tell people were digging the sound, and songs, but they needed something more. As fate would have it, while Gerry was editing the Devil’s ride for Discovery Channel, he met Jason Berlin, who just so happened to be a kick ass drummer. They jammed, played a show, people raged their faces off, patched Bam Bam in, and they knew that their band was complete.

Too Bad’s new single “Manimal” has over 17,000 plays on Soundcloud. The song has also been placed in one of the most critically acclaimed feature film sequel’s “Samurai Cop 2: A Deadly Vengeance.” The future looks bright for Too Bad, thanks to an unlikely connection through, curse words, trashy people, and the terrible story telling that we call... Reality TV.


TL;DR: We’re reality television editors. Making electronic rock/dance punk with an 80’s vibe. Our new single is ‘Manimal’.

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